Values & History


We pride ourselves in, staying true to our inspiration that is, producing for you the above products that are of good quality, and equally represent our culture as Bantus. Secondly we provide uniqueness in our products. This brand is one of the few that tell African stories, told by Africans and a means to share it with the world at large. Thirdly these products are a way of portraying our pride and identity as Africans. Lastly our products are very comfortable as they are printed on very high quality cotton T shirts.


Bantu was created in 2020; it came in as an additional branch of the main brand “kushycuts” a street wear that is influenced by the “toghu” the traditional attire of the grass field people of Cameroon.  The classic tough dress is very corporate. Creating a street wear inspired by the toghu” , we decided to complement it with other classic street wears like  T-shirts, Sweat shirts, pullovers, and caps, but  keeping it within our African traditional theme, with our identity and culture at its center